Marquest Launches AQUIS DI Water Spray, Nitrogen, & Dispensing Guns 

Deionized Water Spray & Nitrogen Guns

Costa Mesa, California January 1, 2020 --

Marquest Scientific, Inc., the leading provider of non-metallic laboratory faucets and fixtures has introduced AQUIS, a complete line of spray, dispensing, and dispensing guns. Applications include: Distilled, Deionized, RO, Ultra Filtrated Water, Nitrogen and chemical dispensing. The AQUIS guns product line provides a contamination free fluid path for high purity media featuring all injection molded, high purity PVDF construction, utilizing a single modified PTFE sealing component. There are no elastomers, O-rings, used in the product construction. Designed for constant use found in commercial applications. All AQUIS products are available with a variety of connections, fittings, and tubing.

“We are pleased to bring our new product line to the vast community we have served for over 40 years. The quality and durability of our products continues with our new AQUIS offering. We will strive to provide the same service and product availability as with all Marquest Scientific products.”

Brent Stulik, President

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